Innovative Research – Based Curriculum

At Kensington, we follow the following 3 key principles when implementing our curriculum and when planning out teaching and learning approaches.

1.Teachers and the key person interpret their observations of children 's in the light of child development and our curriculum to make accurate assessments of children’ achievement.

2. A variety of well – evidenced teaching approaches are utilised across a range of context, including play, child-initiated and adult-led activities.

3. Effective professional learning and development is essential to enable our teaching approach to move forward at all times

This will result in a better learning, better teaching and better progress for our children, teachers and our communities at Kensington.

Moreover, our innovative and creative approach to the EYFS curriculum is influenced by many other well known approaches.

For example, we will be incorporating the philosophy of the Reggio Emilia approach which places high value on children’s creativity. It emphasizes the importance of the environment in supporting the children’s development, play and learning. Our purpose built school and carefully chosen resources will enable children to become independent and active learners.

Our own philosophy is also influenced by the work of Maria Montessori who believed that children are unique and that it is the role of the teacher to develop their abilities. By recruiting highly qualified and experienced teachers we are certain that we can help each children to reach their full potential.

Finally we believe in a community approach to teaching and learning, this is also a belief of the Te Whariki curriculum. “Each community to which a child belongs, whether it is a family home or an early childhood setting outside the home, provides opportunities for new learning to be fostered: for children to reflect on alternative ways of doing things; make connections across time and place; establish different kinds of relationship; and encounter different points of view. These experiences enrich children’s lives and provide them with the knowledge, skills, and dispositions they need to tackle new challenges.” (Te Whariki Curriculum Guidance 1996)

At Kensington International Kindergarten we aim to develop a family environment where children, parents and practitioners can all learn together to make this journey one of true discovery.