Our Environment

We believe that the early childhood environment gives children important messages and cues. In other words, the environment speaks to children - about what they can do, how and where they can do it and how they can work together. It is a place for singing and understanding, a place to discover, to invent and to dream, a place for listening and marveling.

The concept of “Free Form Architecture” used to create our unique state of the art environment supports our Holistic Approach, in combining the curriculum with our facilities. This has created an atmosphere for children which reflects our philosophy that children’s creativity and imagination is limitless.

Our environment has been specially designed to implement and support our philosophy and curriculum, which provides multiple sources of stimulation to encourage the development of physical, cognitive, emotional, and social skills.

Our classrooms are surrounded by a natural backdrop of trees, and outdoor learning spaces. These are generally filled with plants and awash with natural light. Classroom access to the surrounding areas is made through wall-sized windows, and doors in each of the classrooms.

Followed by the concept “Green Space for Learning”, children will have access to adequate outdoor space. Our belief that children must have access to space and freedom in order to play out their fantasies, which are vital in helping them to develop ideas, values and understand the world around them are embedded within current research. This is why we have developed our outdoor provision to offer the excellent joining facilities between outdoors and indoors.

Furthermore, alongside stimulating a child’s interest, our facilities have been fully examined and certified to be Secure and Safe for young children.