Children aged 4- 5 years will attend 5 days per week. 8.00 a.m. – 2.00 p.m.
In the reception class children continue to follow the EYFS with equal emphasis given to all seven areas of learning. We also continued the thematic approach to planning with the children’s interests being at the forefront of all classroom activities.

At this stage the children are introduced to daily Literacy and Numeracy sessions where they begin to experience a little more structure and formality to the day. This helps to prepare children for their subsequent move to Year 1. During the Literacy sessions children will be introduced to the phonics programme; Letters and Sounds. This programme prepares children for reading which they may begin during their Reception year.

As with our Toddlers and Nursery classes the children will have a key person who will help them to settle in to the class and will provide a link between home and school.

Transitions continue to be an important part of the school year and all of our children will receive support to make the transition from Nursery to Reception. This will include visiting their new classroom before the end of the Nursery year and meeting the teacher who will take the Reception class they enter in to.

The Reception year marks the end of the Early Years Foundation Stage and once the children enter in to Year 1 they will follow the National Curriculum of England.