What Do We Believe
About Teaching and Learning

  • We believe in every child’s potential and individuality and hence instruction is individualized to meet each child’s needs.
  • We believe that play is a key element of any child's development. When working with young children, the exchange between adults and children should be fluid, moving interchangeably between activities initiated by children and where adult responses help build the child’s learning and understanding.
  • We will ensure that our environment is safe, clean, stimulating, and provides a warm atmosphere at all times.
  • We believe that every child should have access to a stimulating outdoor learning space.
  • We understand that parents are the primary educators of their children and should be centrally involved in their child's experiences and development.
  • We believe in incorporating current research based practice in our learning activities.
  • We believe in learning communities, where continuing staff training and open communication amongst staff, parents, children, and communities are promoted.
  • We believe in encouraging positive dispositions in every child to enable them to have; confidence, self- esteem, creativity, self- motivation, curiosity, concentration, openness/risk taking, optimism, honesty, self- discipline, responsibilities, empathy, and team work.
  • We believe in promoting Thai values and culture to every child who resides in Thailand.
  • We believe in diversity, equality and inclusion and treat all others with respect.