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Effective Practices

Effective practice in the early years requires committed, enthusiastic and reflective practitioners with a breadth and depth of knowledge, skills and understanding. We ensure that our teams use their own learning to improve their work with young children and their families in ways which are sensitive, positive and non-judgmental.

Our teams need to:
  • understand how children develop and learn;
  • know about the curriculum – the ‘subject knowledge ‘that is as important in the Foundation Stage as in later stages;
  • know about and be able to use the range of teaching strategies appropriate to this distinct stage;
  • Understand how to promote and support child-initiated learning.

Learning communities

Training and development is very important to us at Kensington International Kindergarten. All staff are trained in the essential requirements and, along with each member of staff individually, we review and identify particular needs and training requirements which will allow that staff member to grow and develop in progressing within their role at Kensington and as a benefit to their career overall.

Learning communities

At Kensington International Kindergarten, we are committed to providing an enjoyable and motivational working environment.

We are looking for people with passion and innovation to be part of our Kensington family. We want the people who work with us to develop as well - intellectually, personally and in their overall career progression. We expect our people to participate to the fullest extent of their capabilities in all aspects of kindergarten life and to be part of the team in delivering our mission to provide absolute excellence in all that we do for our children and their families. Only then can we achieve standards of excellence which we believe will be unique to Kensington.

However, this also means that we require only those of the highest caliber whom we believe can make a difference and therefore we utilise a strict screening process as part of our recruitment strategy.

It goes without saying that we expect a high standard of presentation in every sense when dealing with parents, the children or any member of the Kensington International family, both in terms of standards of dress, speech and manners.

Our team are educational role models and must look and behave as such at all times.

People who work for us must have a natural love of working with small children, watching them grow and develop. We want those who are inspirational, and who will act as role models for our young charges, those who will enjoy identifying and bringing out a young child’s natural talents - in the creative arts, music, dance, drama, art, sports, reading and literacy, maths and numbers or science. We want you to be there, nurturing, encouraging and applauding every new achievement.

But above all, we want people who are happy, with a naturally positive outlook on life, who will promote and cultivate the same within the school. At Kensington International, we will ensure that communication channels are open at all levels so that every member of staff is involved in the ongoing development of the team and what we seek to achieve.

The Kensington International environment will be assured of its success through happy cohesion of its staff, parents and children.