Kensington Kindergarten is a globally recognised, award-winning Learner-Centric Ecosystem. Specifically designed to implement and support our philosophy and curriculum, the unique architecture provides multiple sources of stimulation, encouraging all-round development of students.
We believe that the early childhood environment gives young students important messages and cues.

Play-Based Learning

We believe that playing is a key element of any child’s development, where adult responses help build the child’s learning and understanding.

Stimulating Environment

Our environment has been specially designed to implement and support our philosophy and curriculum, which provides multiple sources of stimulation to encourage the development of physical, emotional, cognitive and social skills.

Green Space for Learning

We believe that children must have access to outdoor space and freedom in order to play out their fantasies; crucial in helping them develop ideas, hold positive beliefs, realise values, and better understand the world around them.

Free Form Architecture

The concept of ‘Free Form Architecture’ used to create our unique state-of-the-art environment supports our holistic approach in combining the curriculum with our facilities. This has created an atmosphere which reflects our philosophy that children’s creativity and imagination are limitless.

Atmosphere is Crucial

We will ensure that our environment is safe, clean, stimulating and provides a warm ambience at all times.

Learning Communities

We believe in learning communities, where ongoing training and open communication among staff, parents, children and communities are actively encouraged.


The school has superb indoor facilities, specifically designed for the educational needs of children in their Early Years. Furnished and resourced with acute attention to the finest detail, providing a safe, learning environment. Here at Kensington, we view the school environment as a significant contributing factor to the ultimate success of all our students.

In addition to well-resourced classrooms, we also have a spacious soft gym which is bright, inviting and tailor-made for fun, physical development activities. These include soft, pre-gymnastic sessions or parachute games for our younger students, while our older students benefit from more structured early gymnastics, dance, games and athletics programmes.

Our School Library is well-resourced with a range of both English and Thai books, an interactive whiteboard, and a bank of computers for older student’s research-based learning. The room is full of natural light, soft furnishings and cosy corners for students to enjoy, explore and progress in literacy.


All our classrooms and our outside areas are set up with Continuous Provision, meaning that working children always have appropriate resources. This also enables them to revisit recent learning, practice new skills, and follow their own interests. Teachers can enhance these activities to make more overt links to adult-initiated and adult-directed, focused sessions. This combination of continuous and enhanced provision gives teachers a context within which they can set their adult-led activities, being sure that children have plenty of opportunities to practice and improve skills, knowledge and confidence in active, independent learning.


Here at Kensington, we believe that the outdoor learning environment has as much value as the indoors, with perhaps the former allowing more space for larger activities and more opportunities for quality physical development. All our class teachers and specialist teachers plan activities in line with all areas of the curriculum and the children often tell us how much they enjoy this part of their day.

We have several different areas where children can work outside, all of which have direct access from classrooms, enabling children to move and work inside or outside following their own interests. These areas include a Toddler garden for the Under 3s, a Nursery outdoor area for children aged 3 to 4 years, another large upstairs outdoor area for Reception and Year 1 (4 to 6 years) and a central communal garden with a trike track, sand area, splash pool and swimming pool.


At Kensington International kindergarten, our children’s meals are carefully selected to ensure that our students receive well balanced and nutritious diets to support their growth and development. We offer a diverse menu prepared daily on the premises by our skilled kitchen team, encompassing flavours from the East and West. Our ever-evolving menu covers all four major food groups and utilises only the freshest quality ingredients, including organic produce.

Our organic provision includes fresh vegetables, fruit and eggs, supplied by Natural Premium Foods Company Limited *(Premier Thai organic food grower). This ensures that children at Kensington will receive not only well-balanced, nutritious meals but also high quality, fresh, natural ingredients.


At Kensington, we take the health and wellbeing of our staff and students very seriously, so consequently, we have installed our own calibrated and extremely accurate Air Quality Meter. We use this inconjunction with a rigorous Air Quality Policy, making it clear to everyone when children are allowed outdoors and for how long. We have also installed HEPA filtering air purifiers in all classrooms and communal rooms, such as the office, library, staff room and soft gym, allowing everyone the benefit of good quality air when at school.


Here at Kensington, we take great care to make sure the environment and resources are clean and safe. To this end, we have rigorous daily and weekly cleaning and deep cleaning routines. Our daily routine includes UV light sterilisation as part of the deep cleaning of toys and resources, and sanitising water spray (SteriPlant) used in conjunction with a strict infection control policy, particularly during contagious periods. This has also proven effective in reducing the spread of many common childhood illnesses.